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Welcome To Dhanaulti Royal Camp

Dhanaulti has been the most amazing hill station with rejuvenating surroundings which simply appeal to senses a great deal. It falls under Tehri district and is located on the road linking Mussorie and Chamba in the state of Uttarakhand and fun-seeking tourists simply visit the location to regain their lost nerves and to experience the splendour which mother-nature has bestowed onto us. As such, there is registered a massive accomplishment of camps in Dhanulti, where tourists simply immerse in the tide of fresh air and an uncompromising calm all around.

The state government has taken a few initiatives in order to make the stay truly a comfortable one, such as there are located cottages along the valleys where people could simply take some respite and then with mega gardens comprising numerous swings, children can seek express enjoyment while feeling a sweet tinge in their bellies.

About Dhanaulti Royal Camp

Dhanaulti Royal Camp is situated at 8,500 ft. in the Mussoorie hills. 27 km. from Chamba and 25 km. from Mussoorie. It offers perfect tranquility amidst long wooded slopes of deodar, Pine, Oak and Rhododendron trees. The Dhanaulti Royal Camp provides adventure camping in Dhanaulti, picturesque 180 degree view of Gharwal Himalayas, and what's more, it is the highest destination nearest to the city of Delhi-Capital of India.

That the location is pretty replete with abounding greenery can be ascertained from the fact that the government has initiated a couple of eco parks, such as Amber and Dhara, which overwhelm the hearts and minds with nature rich freshness. One can simply take a stroll in such vast patches of preserved forests in the evenings and can witness the sweet sounds of native birds, which remind them of some fabulous melody. Additionally, for those loving outstanding trips, adventure sports is feasible at the site, where tourists could take a walk over flying fox and burma bridges while horse riding can be enjoyed too. Further, the visitors are also encouraged to plant a sapling of regional trees at this location, in a bid to remember or to honour their loved ones and this activity is regarded as memory sapling plantation.


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Adventure Camping in Dhanulti

Besides, for those, with a knack towards history, one can visit the Deogarh fort which was built a few centuries back and is still intact to allure tourists immensely. While for those, who prefer exclusive adventure camping in Dhanulti and are bound for adventure sports, Thangdhar is the most eventful location of this site, where one can indulge in numerous of outdoor activities such as rock climbing, river crossing, trekking or they could simply take a soul deep respite in the lap of nature with purity all around.

The location is truly a romantic one where one casts a glance over the horizon only to find the rich bounty which nature bestows upon us, in the form of lush greenery all around. But then with the adjoining rising mountain peaks in the vicinity, senses simply get rejuvenated in the holistic manner, while the towering Deodar and pine trees stand majestic as if, in a welcoming position to greet visitors. The place thus attracts scores of camps in Dhanaulti, by those with the lion hearts but with an inclination to rejuvenate their souls.

For all generations, this has emerged to be the apt mountain place, where one can simply relax to restore their soul with precious calm and inner delight, since there is maintained truly a peaceful and mesmerizing ambience all round, with no hustle-bustle of cities and no honking and devastating music of any type. Tourists bask under the amazing all-round view of Gharwal Himalayas and feel energetic while inhaling fresh air and while they regard the scenic beauty during their camps in Dhanaulti.

Plan the trip and get a wonderful opportunity to be in a beautiful Himalayan town, surrounded by thick Pine, Cedar, and Rhododendron forests. You will get a variety of adventure camping activities as well to add more excitement to the trip. Resorts in Dhanaulti have all those facilities and amenities that make your trip special in true sense. The weather is pleasant here right through the year and having a comfortable stay won’t be a problem for sure.

A visit to the amazingly beautiful Dhanaulti helps you savor the charms of the Great Himalaya and its accompanying environment. You will get resorts suiting the ambience of this amazing hill station. Whether you need a budget accommodation or luxury suites, all is available here to help meet your discerning tastes and palates. Resorts in Dhanaulti ensure that every member of you family, be it kids, teens or adults, get something to look up to.In total we have 25 Swiss camps with attached washroom. You can also book some of foremost Resorts in Dhanaulti

Places of Interest in Camps in Dhanaulti

ECO-Park in Dhanaulti: It is the main attraction of Dhanaulti Camps. There are two Eco-parks, "Amber" and "Dhara" about 200 m apart. The adventure sports facility is available for visitors in the form of walking over the flying fox and burma bridges and riding horses.

Surkanda Devi Temple in Dhanaulti: 8 km (5.0 mi). From Dhanaulti, on the road towards Chamba lies the Surkanda Devi Temple, famous for its Ganga Dussehra fair in autumn. It is part of the Devi Darshan triangle, which offers trekking opportunities around Dhanaulti - Surkanda Devi, Chandrabadni and Kunjapuri.

Aaloo Khet in Dhanaulti: (Potato Farm)– a Government Potato Farm, also a popular sunrise view point.

Adventure Activities In Dhanaulti

Pack you bags and head straight to Dhanaulti Camps – a place offering perfect tranquility amidst the bounty of nature. It has abundance of pine, oak, long-wooded slopes of deodar andrhododendron trees to let you savor the nature at its rawest best. The time is perfect for you to enjoy a variety of adventure camping activities in Dhanaulti.

Once here, you can get a scenic 180 degree view of Gharwal Himalayas and feel blessed in the midst of nature and its essences. There are many camp sites offering adventure activities to let you add a new dimension to the idea of holidaying.

Fascinating Adventure Activities In Dhanaulti

Get ready to enjoy some of these amazing adventure camping activities in Dhanaulti

Moonlight Trails – Let a guide help you enjoy night hiking. Feel the pinnacle of adventure while exploring the deep pine forests and Himalayan wilderness.

Rappelling – You must have enjoyed rock climbing. How about the thrills and excitement of getting down from the top of the rock? Come and feel the adventure that rappelling brings. while setting up camps in Dhanulti, Rock climbing is something which is widely being hailed by youth and sturdy and the excitement soars high when one climbs the rock and when he comes down, with a glint in their eye.

Trekking – No adventure is complete without trekking. So, come and try climbing some 10k feet above the sea level. Feel the high dosages of excitement while trekking through the jungle. Every excursion to any hill station would be incomplete if trekking is not aligned with and this location is considered to be apt from this point of view. With an elevation of around 10 thousand feet above the sea level, such an activity fills sheer excitement among the members, when they move through dense jungle.

Rock Climbing – Get a rope and find expert guidance, and there you go, climbing on rock! Add more pleasures to your adventure quest with rock climbing.

Mountain Biking – The pleasure of biking will get double when you get to explore the enchanting Himalayan Mountains. Feel the sheer joy of biking while going through the slopes and jungle tracks.

Golf – Playing the game of Golf amidst the natural bounty is a pleasure you can’t resist. With portable putting greens to stir your imagination, you will surely love polishing the Golf skills.

Open Sky Bar – Relish you session with an open sky bar and get all arrangements of a barbeque. Feel blessed in lap of Oak Trees.

Archery – Try your hand at archery. Practice the art and science behind arrows and a bow. Enjoy the recreational side of archery.

Dunking – Perfect your Basketball dunking skills in a beautiful and surreal environment. Feel the game and enjoy the session.

Bonfire – Gaze at the moon, banter with friends and enjoy the time around the bonfire. Feel the ultimate pleasure of adventure camping.

Snow Camping – If you are lucky enough, you will get to enjoy snow camping. This adventure activity is possible only from the end of December to February last.

Spare Time For Worship:

Apart from adventure campaing in Dhanaulti, one can seek blessing by praying at Surkhanda Devi Temple and then, during autumn, Ganga Dussehra fair is also organized with rich cultural fervour. In grander scheme of things, one can also partake in fun-inspired trekking around this location, while covering the paths for other two temples namely, Chandrabadni and Kumnjapuri, and together such constitute Devi Darshan Triangle. Scores of zealous tourists opt this opportunity to also organize a thrilling adventure activities in Dhanualti. Later ahead, one can visit the prodigious potato farm, which is referred to as Aaloo Khet and one can catch the rare glimpse of sunrise, the sight which would live in hearts forever. There are appointed scores of volunteers at this farm, both girls and boys who assist tourists and help them in getting proper resting places and refreshments and also help them in maintaining cleanliness and calm at the place, the facts which the region is famous for.

Our Adventure Activities in Dhanaulti



Dhanaulti Royale Camp, offers an enthusiastic facilty of Rafting, which will be organised while coming to the Dhanaulti.

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Adventure Activities in Dhanaulti

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